Welcome to MOBILE-MOTION. Your home for Wholesale prices on BlackBerry RIM & Apple iPhone Devices. If you have any Questions please visit our About us page for more information & Contact info to give us a call or send us an email! Brought to you by: PRO-MOTION Enterprises
Welcome to MOBILE-MOTION brought to you by PRO-MOTION Enterprises.

Due to high demand, we are currently very low on stock, so we no longer offer Bulk Wholesale purchases.

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Shipping Information: *ALL UNLOCK CODES ARE DELIVERED VIA EMAIL WITHIN 5-30 MINUTES MAX FROM THE TIME YOU ORDER 99% OF THE TIME!!! *****************************************************************************

Phone Purchaces: Our items are shipped via USPS priority mail in the continental USA. Expect to recieve your product within 7-10 days of your order.

For International shipping please contact us first.

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policies:

All DOA items are eligible for a 100% refund or product exhange, any issues or problems you have just contact us and we will solve the issue to your COMPLETE satisfaction.. Customer satisfation is our #1 priority.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1)Are your phones Authentic? All our products are 100% authentic we do not sell any refurbished products or fake chinese cheap clones, only 100% original products!!!!!!!! With fake Blackberrys you CANNOT even connect to the blackberry server and with Fake iphones you cannot even connect to itunes, they are CHEAP & Worthless...we ONLY SELL ORIGINAL FACTORY PRODUCTS!

2)What is your method of payment? We accept all major credit cards, our site is 100% secure.our payment processor is PayPal but YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A PAYPAL account to purchase, if you choose to NOT LOG INTO paypal then you will just pay us with your Major Credit card, or you may choose to use your paypal account, its up to your preference.

3)Why are your prices so low? Thats the secret of the trade :)we are passing on the wholesale price to you, our customer.

4)What came first? the chicken or the egg? Chicken.

5)Can your phones be Unlocked? All our phones can be Unlocked legally to work on any GSM network worldwide.If you scroll down in every phone selection you will see the **UNLOCK this phone option^

**Unlocking most phones voids their warranties, when you choose unlock phone, we will send you the unlock code along with the phone, its upto you to enter it to unlock it.

6) Do you do Wholesale bulk? Unfortunatley we currently offer no bulk purchases